Take A Walk From Cincinnati To Newport

When we say Newport, Kentucky is just across the river from downtown Cincinnati, we mean it. In fact, it’s so close that visitors can walk the 2,670-foot-long Purple People Bridge that spans the Ohio River and connects the two cities. (It’s called the Purple People Bridge for its paint job, as you’ll quickly see when you walk it!). Home of MegaCorp Pavilion, Newport's indoor/outdoor concert venue along the Ohio River averages 110 events a year featuring some of the biggest names in rock, folk, blues, jazz, metal, classical, country, classic rock, alternative rock, and everything in between. 

Newport is a city steeped in history. Once a “sin city” of sorts, brimming with mobsters and gambling halls, today Newport is a family-friendly getaway with something for every visitor. Spend a day at the Newport Aquarium, walk or bike along the scenic Newport Riverwalk, or take a Newport Gangster walking tour that shares the town’s scandalous–and sometimes haunted–history. 

Be sure to save time to explore Newport on the Levee. This multi-level entertainment center boasts shopping, restaurants, a movie theater, bowling, and more. Grab a takeout meal and enjoy waterfront views at adjacent Bridgeview Box Park.