Immerse Yourself In The History Of “The Cov”

Located just west of Newport in Northern Kentucky, this town of 40,000 is big on charm. With quaint 19th-century architecture, a historic district heavily influenced by German and Irish immigrants, and a storied distillery tradition, every trip to Covington is a crash course in the region’s rich history. 

Be sure to spend some time in Mainstrasse Village, one of the most popular neighborhoods in town. It’s a designated Historic District for its 19th-century architecture and German-American legacy. It’s also home to some of the most unique shopping in the region, plus delicious restaurants and bourbon bars

Perhaps Covington’s most famous landmark, the Roebling Suspension Bridge was designed and built by John R. Roebling, who would go on to design New York City’s famous Brooklyn Bridge. Traverse the bridge on foot for an up-close look at its innovative and enduring structure as you cross the Ohio River back into Cincinnati.