Cincinnati Chili Restaurants

Slather It On A Coney Or Spaghetti, You Can’t Go Wrong With Cincy Style Chili

With a 100 year legacy, Cincinnati chili is truly legendary. Three-way, four-way, five-way, whatever– however you wanna try it, chili is a quintessential Cincinnati dish that is a must try. Like so many now American classics, Cincinnati chili was created by immigrants missing the taste of home. Diners were already familiar with chili-topped coney hot dogs, but the “Kiradjieff brothers who started it all by putting their own spin on it, adapting a Mediterranean spiced stew and creating something unlike Cincinnatians had ever tasted. With that, a local obsession was born.  (Food and Wine).

These days you can find Cincinnati-style chili restaurants all over the Cincy Region. Try all the local riffs on this classic Cincy dish at one of these chili restaurants.