Mexican Restaurants In Cincinnati

Tex Mex Fusion, Tacos, Burritos And More

The best way to experience Cincy Culture is to taste it. Cincy’s food scene isn’t one thing…it’s sort of ALL the things. In fact, Cincy was named one the country’s “next great food cities” by Food and Wine, thanks to our culinary creativity, innovation, and all-around deliciousness. 

With cuisines from all over the world and restaurant concepts from buzzworthy chefs, you’ll want to arrive hungry. Food is more than a meal around here–it’s a way of life. In Cincy you’ll find plenty of dining options for every palate, including Mexican restaurants.

  • 4 minute read

Taquerias (photo: Heather Johnson) If you aren't familiar with the concept, a taqueria is basically a taco shop. But we're not talking about Taco Bell here – these are delicious AUTHENTIC tacos, and Cincinnati has a long list of them. Take a seat and prepare to…

  • 10 minute read

Whether you're in town for a visit or you're a local looking for the hottest place to eat - we've got you covered with this list of Foodie havens. Mazunte and Mazunte Mercado Mazunte (photo: Cincinnati Nomerati) In 2010, Mazunte owner and founder Josh Wamsley was…