Cincinnati’s underground treasures offer a fascinating journey into its rich history and hidden secrets. From the remnants of an abandoned brewery to the mysterious tunnels of the infamous Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, these subterranean wonders promise an unforgettable exploration of the city's past. Uncover the stories of the working-class heroes who helped build Cincinnati's historic beer brewing industry, or step into the shadows of the Prohibition era, where speakeasies thrived beneath the city's surface. As you descend beneath the depths, you'll encounter unique dining destinations, architectural marvels, and unexpected urban legends that will pique your curiosity. 

Underground tours in Cincy

DTN - HI - TTD - American Legacy Tours

American Legacy Tours

American Legacy Tours' guided experiences provide amazing sights and cool knowledge of what happens below the streets of the Cincinnati region. From hidden crypts in historic churches to unearthing the brewing legacy of our region in the old lagering tunnels, these tours take you to dark places (literally and figuratively!).

Brewing Heritage Trail Tours

Discover the secrets of the region's brewing history with the Brewing Heritage Trail. The trail's guided tours take you deep below the surface where you can explore the subterranean tunnels and cellars where lagers were aged in the era before Prohibition. Back above ground, you can sample the modern craft brews that have once again found a home in the Cincinnati region.

Newport Gangster Tour

Just over the River, explore the underbelly of the new frontier of Newport, Kentucky. Discover stories of NKY’s pioneers, bootleggers, and gamblers of the Cincy Region. Walk the streets of Newport where mobsters made their fortunes and earned their reputations–this tour is a must for history buffs. 

Historic attractions in Cincinnati

National Underground Railroad Freedom centerNational Underground Railroad Freedom Center

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

While not literally underground, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center honors the freedom fighters of the Underground Railroad. Hear inspiring stories and harrowing tales of the fight for freedom of the past through current day with interactive exhibits and special events. The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center educates and inspires visitors by remembering and honoring the freedom fighters of the Underground Railroad and sharing the continued fight against modern-day slavery.  

The Cave at Cincinnati Museum Center

Explore 500 feet of cascading waterfalls, stalagmites, and stalactites in the Cincinnati Museum Center's reproduction of a limestone cave. Shimmy through tight crevices, twists, and turns, or enjoy the view from wheelchair-accessible overlooks. 

Underground dining and drinks in Cincinnati

Private dining room at Sotto (photo: provided by Sotto)Sotto (photo: Sotto)


The tantalizing aroma of Sotto's Italian dishes entices diners down the staircase and below Sixth Street in downtown Cincinnati where a world of deliciousness awaits. Nosh on Cacio e Pepe or fusilli con ragu in this rustic and romantic underground hideaway. End on a sweet note with the ricotta doughnuts or gelati.

Ghost Baby

Venture four stories below Vine Street to experience the cocktails and music of Ghost Baby, a lounge located in a former brewery's lagering tunnel with a flare for the 1920s. Every night brings a new experience.

If you want to learn more about Cincy’s history, visit award-winning museums in the region. Explore these historic neighborhoods like a local. Find out what to do, eat, and see in Over-the-Rhine and learn more about Newport Kentucky.

Queen City Underground Tour (photo: Dan Ledbetter Photography)
Queen City Underground Tour (photo: Dan Ledbetter Photography)