From interactive museums and enchanting parks to educational play spaces, this blog post is your go-to resource for unlocking the exciting adventures that await your little ones in the Cincy Region. This list explores the top attractions in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky–let’s create unforgettable memories with your preschoolers. 

Behringer Crawford Museum

Train display at Behringer Crawford Museum (Photo: Laura Hoevener)Train display at Behringer Crawford Museum (Photo: Laura Hoevener)

The Behringer Crawford Museum does an excellent job of displaying the history of Northern Kentucky and making it appealing to preschoolers and adults alike. You’ll find a fun activity just for little ones in each area; a kitchen, a train table, a tea party set, or dress-up clothes. The top floor showcases a two-story steamboat and a replica of the Roebling Suspension Bridge. Kids can play dress up and use the magnetic poles to fish from the back of the boat.

Cincinnati Nature Center

Cincinnati Nature Center (photo: Jessica Blackwell)Cincinnati Nature Center (photo: Jessica Blackwell)

Explore the great outdoors at Cincinnati Nature Center! Multiple hikes are available for every fitness level (including stroller- and wheelchair-friendly paths). Look for frogs and turtles among other aquatic creatures in the ponds. You may also spot birds, deer, foxes, raccoons, snakes, owls, and other wildlife. The Nature Playscape is an outdoor playground where kids can play in the creek, build forts, and explore nature in the enclosed area. Be sure to bring along a change of clothes and maybe even a pair of boots to make it easier to play in the water!

Creativity Center at Contemporary Arts Center

Let your kiddos’ imaginations run wild at the Creativity Center at CAC. This free museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in contemporary art but if you’re traveling with small children you should check out the Creativity Center. This interactive space at CAC features interactive galleries, a zero-waste art lab, a quiet room that is sensory-friendly, and a skyline perch with an incredible view of the city.

Highfield Discovery Garden

Highfield Discovery Garden (Photo: Laura Hoevener)Highfield Discovery Garden tree (Photo: Laura Hoevener)

Highfield Discovery Garden is a treasure inside Glenwood Gardens for young kids (best for kids ages 3-8). There is a separate entrance fee to enter Highfield, but it is so worth it Highfield is filled with brightly-colored gardens and scenery. You’ll find a 25-foot tall Discovery Tree, Grandma’s Scent Garden, and The Wizard’s Garden (watch out for the dragon!). You can visit the Butterfly Garden and push the buttons to control the train in the Trolley Garden and see the fish in Frog and Toad’s Pond. This is a great outdoor activity for kids in Cincinnati.

Jane’s Saddlebag

Jane's Saddlebag (photo: Laura Hoevener)Jane's Saddlebag (photo: Laura Hoevener)

The petting zoo is the highlight of a trip to Jane’s Saddlebag. A Watusi cow, a pot-bellied pig, a llama, goats, and a donkey are some of the animals you’ll be able to pet and interact with. Preschoolers love the children’s village which is a collection of small buildings including a chapel, a jail, and a garage. Skip stones in the creek and let the kiddos roll down the big hill. Enjoy the playland with a pirate ship, multiple swings, slides, and more. 

Loveland CastleLoveland%20Castle

Tucked away in Loveland is an honest-to-goodness castle. Loveland Castle, or Chateau LaRoche, was built to resemble a medieval European castle. There are twisted staircases to climb and beautiful flower gardens to explore. If little ones are easily scared, you might want to avoid the dungeon in the basement. This is a great adventure for both preschoolers and grown-ups alike.

Megaland at Colerain Park

Megaland Playground (Photo: Laura Hoevener)Megaland at Colerain Park (Photo: Laura Hoevener)

This is a special, out-of-the-ordinary playground built within Colerain Park. It’s a wooden playground with zip lines, multi-level climbing structures, curvy slides, and more. Pack your lunch and enjoy it under the shelter. Pull out a Frisbee to keep the older kids happy, too.

Splash pads at Cincy playgrounds 

Parky's Wetland Adventure (photo: Laura Hoevener)Parky's Wetland Adventure (photo: Laura Hoevener)

Put the kiddos in their swimsuits and bring along a change of clothes. You’ll find jets shooting from the ground, animals spraying water, giant mushrooms of water falling, and more. Check out Parky’s Wet Playgrounds, Clippard Park, Home of the Brave Park, Pleasant Ridge Sprayground, Smale Riverfront Park, and Washington Park to name a few. Don’t forget the towels!

No matter what your kiddos are interested in, Cincy is full of kid-friendly activities. Explore more kid-friendly things to do and plan your trip!


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