DJ Nate The Great

Music is all about experiences. Every song, every beat, every rhythm creates an audible sensation for listeners that can impact feelings, actions and memories. Beyond the task of entertaining, it is a DJ’s job to mix and blend music in a way that creates a new experience. The mix is what makes the sound unique. DJ Nate street

For Nate Harris – also known as DJ Nate the Great – mixing reaches far beyond his turn tables. In his career, his passions, his relationships and his community, Nate combines different experiences to create a mix that is his way of life. 

From a young age, Nate had two very distinct interests that would propel him forward into adulthood: art and science. Many stereotypes and assumptions point to the right side of the brain versus the left side – the logical thinking juxtaposed to the artistic bend. Art and science are thought to be opposite in nearly every sense. But for Nate, the element of creativity required for both piqued his interest and came naturally.smale dj web

“I’ve always been really inclined mathematically, scientifically and artistically,” Nate said. “What joins them is the creativity that’s involved and having the two together kept me balanced.”

His two passions led him to two different career paths – a scientist and a DJ.

By day, Nate works as a Clinical Research Administrator at UC Health where he specializes in clinical research compliance and operation. With a background as a lab technician and molecular biologist, Nate has experienced several shifts over the course of his career. With each professional turn, Nate never skips a beat and has learned to define himself in his career. 
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“I’ve always been very pure hearted and love science. That carries over into my career, and it’s always been very clear that I’m in the right field,” he said. 

Alongside his professional role as a scientist, Nate is a locally recognized DJ, specializing in weddings, events and occasional night club gigs. Inspired by hip hop icons from the early 1990s, Nate’s interest lies in the rhythmic scratching and creative mixing involved.

“I’m more of an artistic DJ. Making sure my cuts and scratches are crispy. Making sure my blending is always on point. I don’t just slam songs together,” Nate said. “I’ve always been more apt to experiment because I enjoy the art of it and that led to a reputation of being good and well-known.”

The mix of Nate’s worlds – medical research and mixing music – has introduced him to a wide network of peers throughout the Cincinnati region. Various personal and professional connections, ranging from local politicians to fraternal organizations, have led to opportunities for community involvement as DJ Nate the Great.