A Message to our Community

Supporting Cincy’s call to change

The tragic and violent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and others across the country, have left us with deep sympathy for their families, and feeling angry, sad and desperate for a positive path forward.

For many members of our community, what happened to Mr. Floyd and others feels like it could happen to them, too.  We recognize this and know that individually, as an organization, and as a community, we need to do more.  

We must listen to each other, embrace difficult conversations and speak up. Most importantly, we must take action and commit to more effectively addressing the painful and complex questions about racism that have simmered far too long.  

Visit Cincy is committed to being part of the solution and supporting the healing process. Our core values -- including inclusion, transparency, and collaboration --  guide us in continuing to think of new ways to support diversity, inclusion, and civility in our own organization.  These values are cornerstones in our collective efforts to invest in programs, tools, and economic development initiatives that embrace and benefit our entire community.

Our Cincinnati region community has proven its ability to create positive change by coming together in the most difficult times. 

That time is now.

Ways to engage

Support Black-owned Businesses: Our partners at Yelp are continuously updating this resource.

Support Black Led Organizations. Buy a membership or sponsorship with

Donate to The Minority Business Emergency Assistance Fund. This emergency assistance fund represents a partnership of several Cincinnati minority business support groups who want to work together and save our vibrant Black and minority business community during the pandemic and engage with our Community.