Event Producers FAQ

The Welcomers Network is an asset to arts and culture organizations, special event producers and attractions in Cincinnati USA/Northern Kentucky. Partnering with the Network is an effective way to connect with experienced volunteers who may be able to lend their time and talents to participating organizations and events. Learn more about becoming a member below.

Organization and Event Producer Questions

For which type of organizations is the Network ideal?

Our target is arts and cultural activities, special events and attractions in Cincinnati USA/Northern Kentucky. Organizations or events must also have their own volunteer administrator.

Which organizations are members of the Network?

Approximately 14 organizations with volunteer administrators hare members, providing insight to volunteer recruitment, management software, event and industry needs, and more. These organizations have been trained to use the volunteer management software (Better Impact Enterprise Edition) and are participating in the pilot program.

Can more organizations or events join the Network?

Our license with Better Impact Enterprise software allows us to offer it for use with an unlimited number of organizations for arts, cultural activities, special events and attractions,  Please email welcomers.network.manager@gmail.com to learn about the Network and if your event or organization would be a fit.

What can participating organizations or events expect?

Organizations and events that officially partner with the Welcomers will have many new organizational tools to recruit and manage volunteers.

The Welcomers' software platform (Better Impact Enterprise Edition) is an industry-leading tool that includes a variety of features for scheduling and communication with volunteers. It can be customized to meet the unique facet of each group's volunteer program. Additionally, with so many regional volunteers using the same volunteer scheduling software, it is an easier experience for volunteers to stay engaged online.

New openings and events can be shared with all of the community volunteers in the Network (as long as the volunteers have given permission to be contacted),offers a larger pool of potential volunteers with specific hospitality or event experience.

How are organizations charged for becoming part of the Network?

Organizations are charged a nominal annual surcharge, based on their volunteer numbers, which covers their usage of the volunteer management software. Organizations are responsible for any data migration or other customization they may need to use the software.

What other obligations do organizations have to the Network?

In addition to adopting the common platform established by the Welcomers (which facilitates collaboration among all users), organizations are supportive of their volunteers becoming active in the Welcomers and learning about other volunteer opportunities. We also ask that they acknowledge on their website that they are part of the Welcomers Community Volunteer Network.

What is Better Impact Enterprise Edition software? Where can I learn more about the software?

You can learn more and preview the software at: www.volunteer2.com

Contact Information

Rhonda Dickerscheid Network Manager