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National Travel and Tourism Facts and Figures

U.S. Travel Association

U.S. Travel Association is the national organization that leverages the collective strength of those who benefit from travel to grow their businesses beyond what they can do individually.

Travel and Tourism Research Association

TRRA is an International Association of Travel Research and Marketing Professionals designed to facilitate, educate, create and foster development for tourism and travel. Click on the following link to view the latest articles from TTRA.

Destinations International

Destinations International strives to make our members and their destinations successful. As the world's largest and most reliable resource for destination organizations, we inform, connect, inspire and educate our members with the goal to drive destination economic impact, job creation, community sustainability and quality of life through travel.

National Tour Association

NTA is the premier association for travel professionals who have a keen interest in the packaged travel sector of the industry. The association brings together those who travel with suppliers and destinations who represent the various components of a trip. Tap into NTA's network of research through the links below

State and Local Travel and Tourism Facts and Figures

Ohio Travel Association

OTA is the largest tourism travel association in Ohio. OTA assists customers by offering effective and responsive programs, leadership and services. Visit the following resources provided by OTA.

Ohio. Find it here.

Ohio Travel and Tourism provides customers with numerous travel stats and figures. It supports the overall travel industry of Ohio. Tap into their information network below.

Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is Cincinnati's main portal for thorough information about the city. From living expenses, business strategy, to economic information, the Chamber is your point of reference. Click the following links to view some of the Chamber's resources.

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