Originally published in the 2024 Cincy Region Visitors Guide. Interview by Amy Lynch. 

What makes our region special? Hear it straight from one of our local experts: Madame Mira, founder and producer of Queen Bee Cabaret.

Madame Mira

Credit: Madame Mira

How did you first get into dancing burlesque? Do you have a dance or performance background?

I grew up dancing, mostly jazz and ballet and things like that. When I was living in New York, I came across a burlesque show and fell in love. I took some classes at the New York School of Burlesque and was just hooked after that. I had planned to move back to New York after finishing design school and thought I would pursue it then, but the pandemic happened!

I could see that there was a desire in the Cincinnati community for live experiences and connections, so I started Queen Bee Cabaret in 2020. We were just a tiny, socially distant outdoor show at Comfort Station at the time, in East Walnut Hills. It just went crazy and we've grown from there. 

What do you love most about performing?

I love bringing unique experiences to people that can inspire them in an unexpected way and break up people's everyday lives. Going to a show can expand your mind. I think it can be really inspiring for people in a way they don't expect. 

What venues around Cincinnati do you most love performing in?

We have a monthly show the third Wednesday of every month at Ghost Baby. That's classic burlesque with a full live band. We also perform at Second Sight Spirits in Ludlow, Kentucky. And we've done several other places, but those are the spaces we're using most frequently. 

What else are you passionate about, outside of performing?

I graduated in fashion design, so I love all aspects of design. I have a historic home that I've been renovating and decorating, so that's another way I flex my artistic skills. I love to travel and I have several cats that I love to stay at home and cuddle with. 

What are your favorite spots around Cincinnati?

For music and a good date-night spot: Ghost Baby. For a casual summer hangout, I love Carriage House Farm, which we've done shows at. Great coffee, drinks and good people would be Second Sight Spirits. My favorite food and ambience spot would be Sotto. 


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