Originally published in the 2024 Cincy Region Visitors Guide. Interview by Madeline Anderson. 

What makes our region special? Hear it straight from one of our local experts: Gee Horton, an accomplished visual artist and Kentucky native. 

Gee Horton HeadshotCredit: Gee Horton

Was being a visual artist the path you always thought you'd be on? 

I've always messed around with art but never really took it seriously. But, it wasn't until I started dabbling in it, and I think the timing and medium was right, that I was able to easily jump into it. I started to go down that pathway of artistry - and one thing led to the next. I guess what I can say is that my pathway to a career as an artist just happened organically. It was a combination of leaning into what I was naturally really good at and what felt right at the time. With repetition and consistency, I started to really carve out a lane which allowed me to do this full-time. 

What exhibitions or projects from the last few years are you particularly proud of? 

All of them! This is a tough question. Seriously, I'm proud of all of them. I look at all my works of art and everything on display, whether it's an exhibition or a mural - I look at them like they're children that I've given birth to. And just like any parent, you love them all the same. But if I had to pick, I'm really proud of my first solo exhibition, which was on display at the Weston Art Gallery downtown. It debuted in November 2021. I'm really proud of that because it was an opportunity for me to put together a full comprehensive body of work. Where some drawings exist as standalones, whether they're a part of a group exhibition or a drawing converted to murals, what I really loved about that exhibition is that it allowed me to tell a complete, comprehensive story. To have all of my work in one space was really a highlight for me, because to tell a story you need the viewer to grasp a full look into what narrative I'm trying to tell. 

What upcoming exhibitions or projects are you excited about? 

I'll be part of a group exhibition this summer (2024) at the Mansfield Arts Center in Mansfield, Ohio. I'm also going to be a part of FotoFocus Biennial this year, and I'll have a solo exhibition at the Kennedy Heights Cultural Arts Center that will debut in early September. And the last thing I can announce is I'm hoping to be a part of BLINK! 

Gee HortonCredit: Gee Horton

Outside of visual art, what are you passionate about? 

My family, my wife and two kids who I spend a lot of my time with. I love this town; I love this city. I'm particularly passionate about artists, particularly artists of color, and how I can be a resource, how I can be supportive and how I can help grow our creative economy as it pertains to Black artists. I'm really passionate about where that's going and how I play within the midst of all that. 

What are your favorite spots around Cincinnati? 

Pata Roja is my favorite taco spot! BlaCK Coffee Lounge is another go-to spot. Of course, and not just because of my work, but I love visiting all the art museums. I love visiting the Weston Art Gallery, the Contemporary Arts Center, the Cincinnati Art Museum - all of our museums.


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