We are excited to announce that the email newsletter meetNKY News and the Visit Cincy e-newsletter are merging into a single e-newsletter for both sides of the river, with a new look and expanded content. Our goal with these changes was to bring you a broadened digest with more great Cincy Region content in an easy to read, engaging format. Read on to learn more about the changes we have made.

Two Great Destinations, One Great Newsletter

BB Riverboat is lit up for an evening cruise. The Roebling Bridge is illuminated. The Ohio River is dark and still.

You might already know that Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky make up a unique travel destination. The Cincy Region is where north meets south and Cincinnati's urban vibrancy meets Northern Kentucky’s quirky charm. Now you can get all the buzz about the whole Cincy Region in one compact email. The new newsletter, The Current, pays homage to the river that flows through the region - plus, we like puns. Even better, the new e-newsletter offers you great tools to make sure the info you receive is the info you are looking for.

Tailored Newsletter Content, Custom Delivery

A screen grab of the page where you can customize your email preferences.

One of the great things about the new e-newsletter is the ability to customize the content and delivery of The Current to your specific preferences. You will receive an email inviting you to customize after you sign up. There you can select the content categories you would be interested in. Choose from options like Family Fun, Foodie News, Local Craft Beer, Bourbon, Must See Attractions and more.

If you are already a subscriber to either the Visit Cincy or meetNKY e-newsletters we will be sending out a repeat invitation to all subscribers offering the ability to customize your preferences. 

A screen grab of the customization options for the e-newsletter.A screen grab of the customization options for the e-newsletter.

You can adjust the appearance of your news digest by selecting the layout style you prefer. For delivery customization you can select the frequency of the newsletter, anywhere from daily to every four weeks. You can also select the day of the week and time of day you receive your newsletter so it always arrives when you are ready for it. The best part of this customization is that any time you can click the link in your email and change any option, so your newsletter always stays relevant to you. 

Look For Us in Your Inbox

The header image for the newsletter. It says "The Current. Plan your visit to Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky"

We are sure you will enjoy the new look, content, and features of The Current as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Look for the first issue of The Current to arrive in your mailbox starting June 5th, 2024. It will be sent from the email "feedback@visitcincy.com". If you do not already receive either of the legacy newsletters then sign up here to ensure you don't miss any of this great content!