The last Tuesday in January is National Plan Your Vacation day. Here's all the reasons why you should plan to visit the Cincy Region.

Vacations are Good for Your Health

There are countless studies out there that can tell you the benefits of taking vacation time. A Psychology and Health study found that those who vacationed more frequently were at lower risk of developing metabolic syndrome - things like high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which can increase risk for heart disease. In fact, in another study men who didn’t take vacation for several years were 30% more likely to have heart attacks. However, when employees take advantage of vacation time their risk of metabolic syndrome and heart attacks are lowered, as well as reported rates of depression and anxiety. A Japanese study found that even short 3 day trips can reduce stress levels. Vacation time can improve sleep patterns, and those benefits extend to after your return. Employees report boosted productivity and creativity upon return to work. They even report that parts of their jobs require less effort after vacation as opposed to before! 


Take Your Vacation Time!

Despite all the benefits listed above, there are plenty of Americans who do not take advantage of their vacation time. Reports show that 55% of all Americans who earn paid time off do not use all their time. The average amount of days gone unused is around 6.5. This adds up to over 700 million vacation days that Americans have let go unused. In addition, those who take their vacation time don’t always use it to the fullest. 52% of employees report working at least some while on paid time off! You owe it to yourself to take full advantage of your vacation days to recharge your personal battery. Your vacation doesn’t have to be extensive, or far away, to provide these benefits either. The important thing is to take the time and unplug.


Where Should I Go on Vacation?

Now that you know all the benefits to taking vacation, the next question is obviously, “Where should I go?”. Luckily for you, we know the answer - the Cincy Region! Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky offer a plethora of options for getting away from it all, no matter what that might look like for you.

Raise Your Spirits in NKY and Cincinnati

Kentucky has a rich history of bourbon distilling, and bourbon is currently going through a renaissance period. Here in the Cincy Region you can experience America’s Native Spirit and see why Kentucky distillers lead the pack. However, the wealth of bourbon experiences in Northern Kentucky, like our own self-guided bourbon tour The B-Line®, is not all you will find to sip and savor. Cincinnati has a long history with the production, dating back to 1812 and was once known as the beer capital of the world. German immigrants that settled in the Cincy Region brought their passion and skills for brewing with them. Before Prohibition Cincinnati was home to 36 breweries and brewed almost two times the amount of any other city in the nation. Now the Cincy Region is home to more than 80 breweries!

A closeup photo of a copper still. The tags on the still say Boone County Distilling Co. Made by Ghosts and Manufactured by Vendome Copper and Brass Works Inc. Louisville, Kentucky

Here in the Cincy Region you get the absolute best of both worlds. Bourbon heritage and brewing history flow through the region and where north meets south at the Ohio River, creativity and innovation flourish. Try one of the walking tours that show the historic buildings and explore secret tunnels that makeup the story of Cincinnati beer. Or let the Cincy Brew Bus take you on a tour of several modern craft breweries that are continuing that story today. To experience Northern Kentucky bourbon look no further than The B-Line®. It’s your guide to the best of the best in NKY distilleries, bourbon bars, and bourbon-centered cuisine. The best part is when you check in at two distilleries, two bars, and two restaurants with your line guide, The B-Line will mail you free bourbon swag!

So Many Fun Things to Do in Cincinnati and NKY

The Cincy Region has all the attractions you could possibly want to fill your day with. Public art abounds in the region, with over 200 murals, statues, and other art installations. Self guided walking tours and geocaching apps will guide you through all the offerings. We are home to a plethora of sports teams; Major League Baseball’s Cincinnati Reds and National Football League’s Cincinnati Bengals. The Cincinnati Cyclones (hockey), FC Cincinnati (American soccer), and Florence Y’alls (baseball) are our minor league teams and major fun. The Cincinnati Zoo is a world class zoo, and the 6th oldest zoo in the United States, but you probably know it for our famous hippo bloat: Fiona, Fritz and their parents Bibi and Tucker.

Fiona the hippo at Cincinnati Zoo (photo: Betsy Decillis)

Newport Aquarium is gallons of fun - over a million to be exact! Home to 70 exhibits, multitudes of fresh and saltwater aquatic life, the world’s first shark bridge where you can walk over an open shark tank, and their successful shark ray breeding program. Not enough? We also have the only museum dedicated to ventriloquism in the world, multiple art museums, a life-sized representation of Noah’s Ark, and unique shopping opportunities.

Stingray Hideaway at Newport Aquarium (photo:

Go Touch Grass

If the winter weather has you dreaming of the great outdoors, the Cincy Region can satisfy that need too. For sports fans look for pickleball and basketball courts, places for soccer or volleyball, golf, and disc golf courses. Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky have over 140 regional or neighborhood parks and natural areas. There’s hiking, bike riding, kayaking or boat rental, shelters and picnic areas, dog parks, grills, playgrounds, water features, and so much more waiting for you in the great outdoors.

Florence Nature Park Walking Trail

Unique Local Restaurants in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

At some point while you are in the Cincy Region, you are probably going to get hungry. Luckily for you the Cincy Region is a foodie’s delight. From elite fine dining and swanky steakhouses to late night pizza and dive bars known for their hot dog specials, Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati can fill any craving and budget. James Beard nominated restaurants and chefs? Yes, we have that. Of course, we have German favorites and southern staples, but we also have Mediterranean, Indian, Nepalese, Venezuelan, Syrian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Korean, even a restaurant dedicated solely to pierogies! This list is far from complete and doesn’t even include all of our amazing food truck options. Come find your new favorite meal while visiting the Cincy Region.

A red table is set with two place settings. One has a pasta with red sauce, the other a pasta with pesto and cheese. A bowl of olives and a plate of bread are between the two settings.

What Are You Waiting For

As you can see, Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky can provide a multitude of options to suit any need. Just in case you need one more reason to visit, getting here is incredibly easy. Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are within a day's drive of roughly half of the US population. In addition, we have the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) with abundant non-stop flights and several international flights. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your vacation to the Cincy Region now! Take a look at our events calendar to help guide you along.