After a long and exciting wait, the Cincinnati Bell Connector opened its doors to the public this month. Our new streetcar has quickly become a hit around town. But did you know that it can also be a huge asset to your meeting as well? 

You will find that our streetcar provides many ways to delight your attendees. Here are just a few that we are already seeing:

A Way to Connect to Locals

As the name suggests, the Cincinnati Bell Connector is more than just a ride from place to place. It connects our city’s spirit. Whether it’s simply a chat with fellow riders or a spontaneous WHO DEY chant, there is a constant feeling that everyone is a part of something special when they ride the streetcar. 

And when attendees come to a new city, they are looking for ways to connect with it, which means finding those unique experiences they cannot find anywhere else. There is no better recommendation than a ride on the streetcar. 

Rides for Attendees

Our streetcar also connects many of our important entertainment districts. Instead of paying for a taxi or having to move a car to pay for another parking spot, a $2 all-day fare can get your attendees to many places they'll want to see in Cincinnati. 

Why not be the hero and pay for those rides? Or better yet, have one of your sponsors be the hero. Your attendees will have the ability to see the city they came to see, and you will be able to make that happen at a budget-friendly price. 

A Non-Traditional Sightseeing Tour

Local organizations are already taking advantage of the streetcar to show off the gems of the city, and that can be a great option for smaller groups. From discovering the beauty of the ArtWorks murals around town, to sampling our city’s beer history at local breweries  along a streetcar Tasting Tour, there are a lot of options for creating smaller niche tours that could interest your attendees. You can even charter one of the streetcars and create your own stops on the route. 

But perhaps you have a larger group that would not fit on one of the streetcars. Create self-led tours around the stops of the streetcar. You can create several maps around niche interests of your attendees. That way they can discover the city on their own time and possibly with their families that they brought with them. 

The connections that the Cincinnati Bell Connector has already created have been amazing for our city. We can’t wait for you to take a ride and discover just how much this streetcar can bring to your next meeting.