The chill is already in the air. Fall has come, and before we know it, winter will be here with its snow and colder weather. And that means a lot of chilly event attendees that are probably a little sad due to the lack of sunshine as well. 

What is a meeting planner to do?

Surprise and delight them, of course! But you also want to make sure they are warm throughout your event, despite what the weather might be outside. 

There are some traditional ways to do that, but why not get a little creative? 

Puppy Room

From cat cafés to colleges providing puppy rooms during finals week, it’s becoming a trend to create areas where animals can happily interact with humans. It makes sense. Just petting a cat or a dog can lower your blood pressure, improve your mood and alleviate stress. And those kitten cuddles or puppy kisses are delightful. 

So what could a puppy room do for your meeting? Those cuddles will really warm your attendees up and make them forget any inclement weather. And chasing around those little guys while they play will do the same thing. There is just no way that your attendees will not be warm and happy after entering a puppy room. 

Plus, you can add a charity element by working with a local animal shelter to provide the puppies. Simply helping the shelter socialize the dogs will be a huge help, but providing a way for your attendees to donate to the shelter is even better. 

And don’t forget your sponsors. A puppy room is a great sponsorship, because no one will forget that one company that sponsored the puppy room. 

Stay Inside

Cincinnati is lucky to have a compact downtown with a skywalk that connects our downtown hotels to the Duke Energy Convention Center. That means your attendees never have to step foot outside during your event. The easiest way to keep your attendees warm and happy is to host your event in a city like ours. 

But don’t let it stop there. 

Make sure to drive your attendees to your event through the skywalk. Signage works, but having volunteers stationed throughout the skywalk is much more welcoming and provides the opportunity to answer questions or give tips. 

Just remember that you don’t have to wait to start your conference at the registration desk. You can do it much sooner, and your attendees will be much happier and warmed up for the big event if you do. 

How are you warming up your attendees?