No other social network has quite the connection to the real world that Instagram does. Its main purpose is to show off the beauty that is all around all of us and that tends to unite those that are taking the time to capture it. That means real communities are popping up, and they are meeting in real life. 

Cincinnati is lucky in that we have several strong Instagram communities that are capturing the energy of our city. They are supportive of each other and are all constantly trying to do better and better. 

Did you know that there are several opportunities to utilize our community to help with your event? These are just some of the ways:

Provide Photos for Registration Materials

We offer many photos that can be used throughout your registration materials, but sometimes you want something a little different that is more candid. Just showing that bit of personality can connect your potential attendees to our city and make them want to know more. This is why many brands are using this user-generated content. 

Our convention and visitors bureau can connect you to these communities if you want to find the photos yourself or we have curated some of the best that we have seen. All you have to do is ask and many of these individuals will happily allow you to use their photos for free with attribution. 

Lead Your Attendees in a Photowalk

In today’s social media-obsessed world, we are not only concerned with having the most fun on our trips, but also by taking the best photos to show off that fun. We can point out some of the best locations for photos. But maybe your attendees want an adventure. 

Our Instagram communities regularly have photowalks that your attendees would be more than welcome to join. Or you can set up a photowalk of your own. The community leaders have led many of these photowalks, so they already have some set routes that allow for the best photos in the shortest amount of time. 

Teach Your Attendees About Instagram

There is nothing hotter in social media right now than visual storytelling. Many members of these Instagram communities are not only experts on how to take beautiful pictures, but also on how to use those pictures to sell a product or a brand. Some are regularly working with brands either as influencers or as the community managers behind the brands, so they can give you a broad sense of what it’s like to effectively sell on Instagram. 

Are you using Instagram superusers for your event? How?