Recently, we asked meeting planners about event ideas they were excited about and one answer stood out: “Secrecy-Based Events.”

What is it? It’s a type of event that keeps all of the actual details completely secret, so every aspect, from location to entertainment, is a surprise to guests. This builds more excitement around your event as attendees will definitely try to guess what is about to happen. 

So how can you do this? Here are a few event ideas for your top secret event:

A Secret Ride

Details2Decor described their trip to Diner en Blanc in Cincinnati, as they told us about why they are so excited about secrecy-based events. This event reveals the location at the last second and everyone shows up for a picnic at a local, public space. 

Take a tip from this by keeping the location of your event secret, and then keep your attendees guessing. Get them on a bus and make a guessing game out of it before you arrive at the location. It will create more anticipation for the actual location, and you could even go as far as providing prizes to those that guess correctly. 

A Surprise Location

You have built all of this anticipation for an event location, so you better make sure it lives up to that location. For example, Diner en Blanc took over Cincinnati's East Walnut Hills streetscape one year for a breath-taking event in a remarkable space.

Choose a location with a view and that many may not even know could be available for an event. Even better is if you can find a space that no one knows exists. Just make sure it’s not ordinary, because that will be a severe disappointment after you have done the work to build that anticipation. 

A Twist

You have made the effort to keep everything under wraps and are doling out the surprises piece by piece, keeping your attendees consistently on their toes. Why would you try to do the same old event program then?

Create a twist. If you’re outdoors, consider setting up some turn-of-the-century yard games. Imagine watching your guests playing cup & ball and laughing as they literally try to get a ball on a string into a cup. Or maybe organize a cricket match, a game that many of your attendees will likely not be familiar with. 

Or if it’s an indoor venue, create a fun way for your attendees to learn about it. Perhaps it’s a venue like our Hilton Netherland Plaza, which is full of wonderful stories of the past. Consider ways to incorporate those stories into your event or even go as far as hosting a ghost hunt. That way, your incredible event location that you so carefully kept under wraps plays more than one role in your event.

What event ideas have you used for your own secrecy-based event?