Have you ever taken a look at the engagement on the Cincinnati Reds Facebook page and just felt an immediate case of envy?

Sure, you can say that the reason why they do so well is because the Reds are a baseball team in a baseball city. But if you really take a look at what the organization is doing on social media, it’s deeper than that. 

If you look at all of the social networks the Reds manage, you will notice one thing in common: On each one, the team heavily interacts with their fans. They respond to comments, share fan images and make fans feel like they are an important component to the team. And all of that equals fans wanting to talk more and share more images. 

We know what you’re thinking: A meeting planner has to wear way too many hats to be that responsive. And that’s understandable. But Facebook has just made it easier. 

With just a few small changes, Facebook has made it possible to interact with your fans at a deeper level that will make them coming back for more. Check out these updates:

The Away Message

Facebook created a badge that told your fans just how responsive your page is to messages sent to your inbox. But there were a few problems with that. Namely, what about when someone sends a message at 2 a.m.? Should you really bend over backwards to respond to that message in minutes? No, you should not. 

And Facebook is in total agreement with that. In that case, set an away message. You can set your away message to be anything you want, so you might consider directing people to your website or to send an email for quicker answers to their questions. However, since anyone visiting your page can see if you have your away message on, do not keep this constantly on. Just keep it on when you cannot reasonably respond to messages. 

A New Inbox

Before, you were just left with whatever messages your fans sent to your inbox and you had no quick way of being able to identify who this person is. This became especially problematic when multiple social media managers responded to messages. 

With the new inbox, you get a quick view of who the person is without having to go to their profile page. And you can add keyword tags. You can use this to identify VIPs, sponsors, attendees, prospects, etc. Then, anyone that quickly responds to their questions will know exactly who they are talking to and how to best give them an answer. 

A New Comments Tab

Before, comments were collapsed into notifications and you would have to go to the post to respond. If you had a particularly popular post, it would become overwhelming and comments were likely to get lost in all of the notifications. 

Now there is a tab that is solely dedicated to comments. They do not get collapsed, so you can easily see each one and respond right within the tab. That means it’s virtually impossible for you to lose comments, and with fewer clicks, you can respond quickly to your fans’ questions. 

How are you responding to your fans? Do you think these Facebook tools will help you?