If you are anything like most meeting planners, you are constantly looking for new, unique experiences for your attendees. That means you have something in common with museums!

Cincinnati museums are always looking for what’s next when it comes to ways to impress their attendees, and that can equal a very innovative experience for your event attendees. And these are the types of experiences that can leave them talking about your event for years to come.

Learn Something New

Most conferences are full of back-to-back learning opportunities that are specifically geared towards the specific industry represented. That can mean a very one-sided learning experience that represents a certain point of view. What if you took a different route?

A museum, like the Cincinnati Art Museum, has already set-up programs that are geared towards adults. Without re-inventing the wheel, you can give your attendees a learning opportunity that takes them out of their industry and gives them a more global and creative look at the problems that they are currently facing. And there is just something about being splattered with paint after creating a masterpiece that bonds attendees together.

Contemporary Arts CenterPersonal Experiences

The big buzz word for meetings in 2015 is “personalized.” We are all analyzing every aspect of conferences to see what can be personalized in an efficient manner for every attendee. It is a daunting task.

But museums can help you. The space will feel like it is personalized just for your event, since museums change their exhibitions at regular intervals. And with a place like the Contemporary Arts Center, a variety of different-sized rooms that are set up in completely different ways means that your attendees have choices. If they get overwhelmed with a large room with lots of people, smaller satellite rooms can be a great solution. Each area of the museum can also be given its own theme to allow for a completely different experience that attendees can pick and choose from.

Versatile Spaces in Great Places

Yes, a great way to include those personalized experiences is having a large versatile space where you can build them. One way of doing that is with a series of smaller rooms in addition to a bigger room. Another way? With a wide open space that you can make into anything you want.
Even more important, a great large space is all about location, location, location. And you can't get a better location than a museum like the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. You have access to an event professional that can build you a unique event. Plus, you have the fantastic exhibits that are just steps away for your attendees and a well-located museum in a bustling downtown. So when your attendees are ready to explore, there are many options to do just that.

Have you taken your event to a museum?

Main image via the Cincinnati Art Museum.