What makes an event location go from just okay to spectacular? Is it the decor? The food? No. It’s the people. 

That’s why we have invested in our industry and brought the Certified Tourism Ambassador program to Cincinnati. We want to make sure that every time your attendees interact with our front line, they get the kind of attention and response that will wow them. 

So what does that really look like? And why do you want to work with a location that has Certified Tourism Ambassadors (CTAs)?

CTAs Know Their City

Throughout the program, we take the time to not only teach participants about what's going on in the city now, but also about the history. So they know the how the city came to be, in addition to what it is today. This can present opportunities to tell your attendees interesting facts about locations that will put them more into perspective.

We also train our CTAs on the effectively interacting with guests - including finding the best way to give directions for out-of-town guests. Yes, even in a tech-obsessed world, sometimes it’s best to go without those devices and ask for directions. Our CTAs are more than prepared to help. 

After receiving their certification, CTAs have a requirement to explore the city and visit new attractions in order to renew their certification. That means that they are going out to the attractions, restaurants and events that will interest your attendees. They can give specific suggestions based on their own experiences that will enhance your attendees’ own experiences of the city. 

CTAs Know Customer Service

A significant portion of the course is designed to give our participants good, solid knowledge of customer service. We teach them how to ask the right questions so your attendees get the best Cincinnati experience.

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But more importantly, we teach them how to leave a lasting impression. That impression that will stick with an attendee every time they think of your conference and will help them remember why your particular conference was the best. Because in the end, our CTAs are not only representing what a great city is, but what a great event you have as well. Certified Tourism Ambassadors bring a wealth of knowledge to locations throughout our city and are a great asset to any event.

Wondering if you are working with a CTA? Just look for the CTA pin and you can be assured that you will have fantastic customer service.