The craft cocktails trend is in full swing, and if you want to be ahead of the curve, it’s time to figure out how you can use this trend for your event and make it your own. 
Why? We have all seen how more demanding tastes are requiring better and more creative food be served at meetings and events. Those tastes are already looking for craft beer at events, and it’s only a matter of time before your basic mixed drink will no longer cut it. 
What should you plan for if you decide to tackle craft cocktails at your next event? Here are just a few ideas:
More bartenders
This is probably going to be your biggest problem if you include craft cocktails at an event: The best ones take time to prepare. That means a crowd will need more bar staff than usual, and that bar staff will need a special training. You should plan for an increased cost for that staff, and look for locations like the Renaissance Cincinnati Downtown Hotel that already include craft cocktails on their menus. You won’t have to worry about finding bartenders that can handle these more difficult cocktails and you can be sure the creations will be tasty.
Local spirits
Having craft cocktails is just one part of the story. Try using local spirits as well. These spirits will pair better with local food and will be a draw in and of themselves. In fact, you may want to consider including a tasting. Horse & Barrel offers bourbon tastings in addition to their craft cocktails, so your attendees can learn all about what goes into those spirits and why you would choose one over another for certain cocktails. So it will be a great learning opportunity for everyone as well. 
A decor that matches
There is something about drinking the perfect cocktail in a perfectly decorated locale that can elevate any event. And in most cases, that decor calls back to speakeasies, especially if you are including cocktails that were invented in that era. You can create your own speakeasy from scratch or you can use a location that already looks the part. The Blind Pig is decorated just right for any craft cocktail event, right down to barrels used as the base for tables and gorgeous stained glass lamps.
Add a twist 
Sometimes craft cocktails will just not work for your event due to the amount of staff and budget it may require. So look for twists could make this trend more affordable and less time consuming. For example, 21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati has popsicle cocktails that taste amazing and are perfect for summer meetings. Or another idea is to create punch bowls. Both will take your attendees back to their younger years of running through the grass barefoot or teenage dances, and it’s always a good idea to remind your attendees of their best memories. 
Are you including craft cocktails in your next event?