Pokémon GO is taking over everyone’s phones. What’s interesting though is that this augmented reality game is actually making people go out into the world and discover what is around them in a very real way. Before you dismiss it as just another flash-in-the-pan, know that it could also be used as event tech and its potential is tremendous. 

Although not traditional event tech, it’s almost better. You can take advantage of the fact that many of your attendees may already have it on their phones, especially if your attendees tend to be younger. And you can use the different aspects of the game to get your attendees to do what you want them to do. 

Here are just a couple of ideas of what you can do with this game:

Drive attendees to part of your event

Admit it. You have some aspect of your event that attendees tend to skip. Most likely it’s the last session. They may be just anxious to get home or are using some other excuse. The bottom-line is they’re not coming and you want them there. 

Pokémon GO can help you get them there. Advertise that you will be setting off lure at the particular session that you are having trouble with. Lure entices Pokémon to show up wherever it has been set off and works for thirty minutes. It costs a dollar. You may choose to set it off just the once or several times throughout the session. Either way, the influx of Pokémon will excite any Pokémon GO player, and you’ll likely see more faces. 

Create a Map Around PokéStops

One of the reasons why attendees choose to come to your event is to connect with the host city. Pokémon GO gives you a chance to help them do that in a unique and fun way. 

Map the different PokéStops and gyms in town. Then provide facts around the importance of the locations to the host city’s history and culture. You can even give information about nearby eateries and things to do. It could be a whole new way of doing a sightseeing tour. 

In Cincinnati, for example, this way of sightseeing can actually lead to a lot of Pokémon catching. The compact downtown has many points of interest that will result in more chances to train your Pokémon and get more balls for catching them. Plus, the variety of terrain over a short distance means that you can go from park to urban to the river in no time flat, which means a large variety of different types of Pokémon could possibly be available to catch in just a short walk. With shops and eateries nearby, the opportunities for fun while checking out what Cincinnati has to offer are truly endless. 

Since this is a brand new game, this is only the beginning. And with the wild success of this game, there will likely be a lot of other augmented reality games that will be released. This location-based software will only have more implications and opportunities for meetings in the future, so now is definitely the time to figure out how it works and get ahead of the game.