Do you realize that you can engage your next generation of attendees at your next conference? Do you think we’re talking about college students? No, think younger.

With the lines between business and leisure travel getting blurrier and blurrier, chances are that your attendees have their families with them. Why not look at this as an opportunity instead of a distraction to compete against?

Chances are that your attendees’ children may have interests and natural skills similar to their parents, so taking the time to engage with them now could be a great investment in the very long-term.

Here are some ways to make your attendees and their kids love your next event:

Teach the next generation

When we talk about engaging those kids, we really mean it. Create a learning lab where they can discover different aspects of your industry in kid-friendly ways. It’s like a mini-conference within your bigger event. 

The biggest perk of this is giving your attendees’ families something tangible to do while your attendees are busy in sessions. And it provides a learning opportunity that their kids may not get anywhere else.

Most importantly, it is an opportunity to create a greater bond between parent and child, as the child gains a greater understanding of what his or her parent does every day. That’s something a parent just won’t forget.

Family-friendly networking

Your attendees are most likely to duck out of networking sessions if they have their families with them. So prevent that by including their families.

Have your networking event at a location like the Newport Aquarium or Cincinnati Zoo. The kids can be kept busy with activities like penguin parades while making friends with other kid attendees. And those connections between the kids can mean unexpected connections between the adult attendees. Ultimately, that can lead to easier networking and the possibility that more deals can be attributed to your conference.

Kid-approved food

If you are going to be more welcoming to your attendees’ families, you will also have to rethink your food. Complicated ingredients are just not going to cut it with a five year old’s palate. But serving chicken nuggets won’t hit the mark with the adults.

That’s where a menu like Sleepy Bee Cafe’s can help you. Kids can find familiar food like pancakes to satisfy their tastebuds. Adults can find locally-sourced ingredients they can feel good about eating. It’s a very delicate balance that can be definitely be achieved. 

How are you welcoming attendees families to your event?