Every meeting planner is looking to get a certain group of people to their event: the CEO.

It makes sense. With the CEO of a company in attendance, there is more buy-in into the conference, and then more attendees could be sent from his company next year based on his experience.

But it is a gamble as well. If the CEO does not have a good time or get something out of your conference, fewer attendees could be sent next year. There is a lot riding on these VIPs.

So if you think your conference is ready to impress, here is what you need to do to get CEOs to your next event:


Having a convenient location is the best way to attract C-Suite executives to your event. Look for a location that has many of your industry’s companies headquartered in one place. With a convenient location, you'll naturally see more top executives in attendance, especially if it’s easy for them to pop in and out of the event.

This makes Cincinnati is a great location if you want executives at your conference. Nine Fortune 500 companies and 15 Fortune 1000 companies are headquartered in the Cincinnati area, and the region ranks in the nation's Top 10 markets for number of Fortune 500 headquarters per million residents. With that many companies headquartered here, there is a good chance that your event’s industry is represented.

Invite CEOs to Speak

If you really want to see a higher caliber of attendee present at your event, then simply ask them to share their expertise. You will be putting them in the spotlight and giving them a chance to show off what they know.

Hopefully, this will lead to them staying for the entire event. But even if they don’t, it will at least give them an introduction to why your event is important.

High Level Education & Networking

Another great way to make sure CEOs attend your conference is by having education sessions and networking designed for them.

If your content designed for only for base-level workers, that's who your event will attract. That also guarantees the networking will be on that level as well – meaning there is no reason for a top-level executive to attend.Bring in bigger names to give education sessions that are relevant at the level a CEO would expect. Plus, don't forget to provide one-on-one opportunities with these speakers to treat these attendees as VIPs, too.

Build the program. Then, promote that program in a personalized way and you'll start to see CEO titles on your next event registration list.

How are you attracting CEOs to your event?