Most conferences are the same; lots of time spent in drab rooms with little hope of actually seeing the city you’re in. You and your attendees deserve more. 

You chose your host city because of the energy it has and because you thought your attendees would enjoy it. So why are you sticking them into those drab rooms?

Instead, give them the ability to not only see what is out there, but to also really dive into the heart of what the host city has to offer. Instead of arranging another sightseeing tour, here’s how we think you can really show who your host city is:

Discover the Food

The quickest way to really find out about a city is to taste the food. But eating the food only tells you one part of the story. Why not actually create the food? 

Taking the time to create local delicacies can connect your attendees to the history of the city as told through food. Having a chef on hand that can tell them why something, such as Cincinnati chili, is created the way it is and can really tell the story of the dish is an opportunity for attendees to really learn about the customs of the city. 

A location such as Cincinnati State’s Midwest Culinary Institute will even allow your attendees to break up into teams to handle different courses, so they can each learn about a recipe they’re interested in. And then they can take home a recipe and tell their friends and family all about why this is an important dish. 

Discover the People

The real key to a city is the people. They are the ones that create the energy and make a city interesting. Why not find more opportunities to connect your attendees to those people?

The easiest way is to bring a local industry leader into your meeting. This will tell your attendees a lot about what your host city values, while also giving them an opportunity to learn. Plus, since this person is local, it will cut down on the costs associated with bringing them in as a speaker. 

If your meeting is in Cincinnati, you will have a plethora of strong speakers to pick from, especially if you are looking for a keynote speaker. Cincinnati is home to ten Fortune 500 companies (including Procter & Gamble and Macy's). What that means for you is that you can find a top notch speaker that is doing high quality work for a more affordable price, and we can definitely connect with some of the best and brightest in our city. 

Discover the Stories

Each city has its own list of what it values, and each one of those values comes with its own story. So find the places where your attendees can hear those stories that tell about the values a city holds. 

Surprisingly, you can find out a lot about what Cincinnati values at an indoor carousel. Carol Ann’s Carousel will not only invoke personal childhood stories of carousels, but also the stories of Cincinnati itself. Each character on the carousel reflects something or someplace that is important to the city. It makes for a great opportunity to find out more about the city, while also enjoying a beautiful view of the riverfront. 

So how do you connect your attendees to the heart of your host city?