When you are putting together your event planning checklist, it’s easy to hit the big stuff. Your venue, food, marketing, transportation, etc. are all aspects that are hard to forget. But there are smaller details that can make your event that you’re probably overlooking. 

We asked local meeting planners what they think the most overlooked checklist item is and this is what they told us:

Event Date

“One most common item overlooked is the event date. It’s a big factor in terms of other events going on, whether it is social or business events.” - Details2Decor

Your date can make a huge difference in your event. A bad date could mean attendees simply cannot come due to other events going on in the industry. And other events going on in your host city can mean high hotel rates for your attendees. Having some flexibility on your date and working with your host convention and visitors bureau can help you prevent both problems. Just simply ask and we can give you guidance on dates that will be best for your event and your attendees. 

Easy Event Registration

“Making it as simple and as easy as possible for attendees to get all the information they need regarding the meeting. They should not have to ‘dig through’ a website to find what they want and what they need to know.” - REES Company

Once you have your date, it’s time to register, but how easy are you making it on your attendees? Make sure to minimize the amount of clicks your attendees have to make before getting the information they need. A personalized url is a nice way to get them right to your event information, but make sure you also include a visible link on your main site above the fold. And then make sure your event information is presented as clearly and as organized as possible. Finally, create as few barriers as possible to registering. Have a registration button on each page, and then make the registration process as simple as possible. If you are unsure if you’ve done that, enlist a few of your attendees to try to find information on your site and register for your event. Then adjust accordingly. 


“Music! Creating a soundtrack tailored to the event is important to creating an inviting and engaging atmosphere.” - Viva Bella Events

There is a big difference between entering an event to absolute silence and entering an event to upbeat music. The first makes you want to keep your head down and find your seat. The second can put a bit of a smile on your face and a hop in your step. You can bring in a band or a DJ to really create something to talk about during breaks and the beginning of an event. Or if you’re watching your budget, simply have your audio-visual company pipe in some great tunes. Just remember that your attendees may want to talk to each other during breaks in your event, so make sure that the volume is at a manageable level. 

What do you think event planners overlook when creating their event planning checklist?