A healthy meeting is more than just a trend. It’s a way to connect with your attendees’ goals on a personal level without losing a step in their day-to-day business. Understanding those personal goals can turn your attendees into excited ambassadors for your event, telling all of their contacts why it is a must. 

But how do you get there? With limited resources, it can be difficult to know the right places to invest in. So we put together an event planning checklist of items that can turn your event into a wealth of health.

Make Time for Physical Activity

  • Walk breaks: With such a short amount of time to get things done, it can be tempting to pack in as much as you can. However, that creates overworked attendees that can no longer take in information. Instead, designate two times throughout the day as walk breaks. You can create led-walk breaks with themes or just schedule it into your program that it is a walk break. 
  • Organized class: Many of your attendees have a routine at home that includes classes such as yoga or bootcamp. You can help them continue that routine by bringing in an instructor for a class. Don’t have the budget to do that? In Cincinnati, we have many free options, such as Workout on the Green at Washington Park or Salsa on the Square at Fountain Square. All you have to do is simply tell your attendees about the class, and your work is done. 
  • Moving session: Create a session that requires no Powerpoint deck and asks your attendees to get up and move around. For example, taking photos for social media could be taught in a classroom or your attendees can actively take those photos while getting feedback in real time. The hands-on experience gives them a bit of exercise, and it’s likely they are learning more from the session. 

Eat Better

  • Lighter food: Conference food is known for being heavy. The problem with heavier food is that it makes your attendees sleepier and affects their overall mood. And that means, less is getting done. So even though lighter food may be more expensive, it actually ends up being an investment in your meeting. It’s an investment in more efficient meetings and happier attendees.
  • Replace the sugary snacks: There is nothing worse than an attendee with a sugar crash. So even though ice cream for an afternoon snack seems like fun with a bit of nostalgia mixed in, it may actually hurt more than help. Instead, offer snacks with fruits and vegetables. These snacks will give them the energy they need without the crash. 
  • Offer water: Many times when people think they are hungry, they are actually just thirsty. So making sure that ample water is offered in every session can mean less food is consumed and attendees that feel overall better. 

Get Outside

  • Outside event: The sun has an amazing ability to make people feel better. So take advantage of this free resource. Hold part or all of your event outside. Locations like the Kingsgate Marriott Conference Center can allow for a great outdoor space that is connected to an indoor space for the main event or even as a Plan B. 

So what is on your event planning checklist for a healthy meeting?