Instagram is going through a lot of changes right now. That means the way you’re marketing your meeting on Instagram has to go through a lot of changes as well.

Can it be frustrating? Yes. But thankfully, in this case, many of the changes are enabling you to be a better marketer by cracking down on bad habits and giving you more tools. 


Shadowbanning is probably a term you’ve heard in passing, but maybe you don’t know exactly what it means. It’s the act of Instagram identifying your account or one of your images as possibly spammy, and then suppressing its reach. The shadow part of it is that Instagram won’t tell you that it is doing this, so this could be currently happening to you without your knowledge.

How do you prevent this?

First off, don’t use hashtag generators. The number one way Instagram is using to identify possibly spammy content is by concentrating on hashtags that attract this kind of content. Those hashtag generators tend to give you a list of hashtags that fall under that category. Instead, focus your hashtags on the location and subject of your image, as well as any well-known industry hashtags. For a great example of this, check out Cincinnati Museum Center’s Instagram account.

The next step is making sure your Instagram strategy is not relying too heavily on hashtags to give you reach. Chances are that Instagram will eventually suppress the reach of business pages on these hashtags to allow for people to more readily connect with their friends. So the natural step is to make sure your fans and prospective attendees are looking for your content. Meet them in person. Talk to them about what is important for them to see from you on Instagram (and other social networks) and then test that kind of content out on your account. The face-to-face will remind them that there is a real-life person behind the account and you taking their advice will make them feel appreciated. Ultimately, you will build a community that can outlast any change on Instagram. 

Live Video

Live video has been on Instagram for awhile, but it disappeared after the transmission is done. Now, it will last for twenty-four hours before disappearing.

Why should you use this instead of Facebook Live?

Both versions of livestreaming are an excellent way to connect in-the-moment with your audience. Facebook Live is perfect if you have an older audience and are presenting information that is not constantly changing. After you’re done with Facebook Live, it can live on your page forever, making it more permanent than Instagram Live.

Instagram Live is better if you are engaging Millennials or Gen Xers. Both generations are more likely to be checking Instagram often and therefore more likely to see the live video alerts on the top of their home feed. It’s also better if the information you are presenting is changing often, such as perhaps legislation that will affect your community. You can give quick updates on what is happening and answer any questions without being worried that someone might see it later on thinking it is current information. 

Filters and Stickers on Instagram Stories

This is the most tempting of Instagram changes. The filters and stickers that Instagram is creating are fun and it’s always great to be a part of the fun your fans are having on a social network. But...

Before you put them on one of your Instagram Stories, think.

Will this filter or sticker compete with the information you are trying to get across? Will the use of a certain filter or sticker hurt your organization’s credibility with your fans? If you’re uncertain about the answer to either question, don’t do it. No one will judge you because you didn’t use a filter or a sticker, but they might judge you if you do. 

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