Food is one of the most important aspects of your event. Everything else can go perfectly, but one bad meal can leave a seriously bad taste in your attendees’ mouths and be all they remember about your event. 

But it’s not good enough anymore just to serve great food. You have to constantly be pushing the envelope and create an environment that will make the most people happy. And doing this year after year can leave you short on ideas of what to do next. 

But that’s why we’re here. Here are a few ideas we are looking forward to seeing at events in the near future.

The Chipotle Effect

More and more restaurants are taking a note from Chipotle, and that’s why we expect to see this trend at an event near you soon. A fast, assembly-line approach to food gives your attendees a chance to customize their food experience and allows you to not worry about allergies and sensitivities. And just because it’s an assembly line, it does not mean that the food is not high quality.

Take, for example, the latest restaurant coming to Cincinnati. Pizzeria Locale uses the assembly line to create tasty pizzas with the highest quality ingredients. Guests can be as creative as they want with their pizzas or just keep it simple. It makes it easy for lots of different taste buds to be happy. And definitely a concept that can be duplicated at the right event. 

Mindful Eating

With everyone’s on-the-go nature in this digital age, we think that the next food trend will simply be about enjoying food with no distractions. Instead of cramming in everything while everyone tries to swallow bites of food and pay attention to the event, the meal may end up being a sacred part of the event. It allows for the meal to be enjoyed, and the different tastes to be savored. And people can just talk. The meal can be the experience that bonds your attendees together and starts a conversation, rather than a fast-paced event that leaves very little time for discussion. 

DIY Food

We have talked about adding do-it-yourself projects to your event, but we expect this trend to extend to food as well. Whether it is simply decorating your own donut or pressing a few buttons to create a fully customized treat, there are many ways to try out this trend. We talked to Linwood Campbell of Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati  about the technology trend last year and we expect that to continue to grow this year. With 3D printing and other food technology continuing to get better and better, we expect this to be the trend that more and more attendees will want to see at events. 


What food trend are you excited about?