Your team has been locked in a lab and are humanity’s only hope to save humanity from a deadly virus. Do you think they could handle the pressure? 

By going to Houdini’s Room Escape, you can find out. Each of the escape rooms puts your team into a crisis situation that they have to work together to get out of. It tests their patience and their ability to come together. 

Some would call it team-building, but the staff at Houdini’s Room Escape prefer team-bonding. Team-bonding creates relationships. Team-bonding brings all team members to the same level. And team-bonding creates an opportunity for team members to recognize the different skills each person brings to the group. 

So why would spending time at Houdini’s Room Escape be the perfect team-bonding activity for your event? Here’s why you need to consider it:


Houdini's Room EscapeRecognizing You Don’t Know Everything

One of the greatest skills your team can develop is asking questions. A simple question can save employees from trying to muscle through a problem and stop them from wasting precious time as they try to get to a solution. And that’s something that this escape room can teach. 

Through the course of their experience, your team will definitely fall short if they try to muscle through. There simply isn’t enough time to use that tactic. Each person has to open up and admit what they don’t know to get out in time. Whether they admit it to each other or the staff (each team gets to ask three questions), this is an invaluable skill that will create a more efficient, cohesive group. 

Training Your Brain

What makes Houdini’s Room Escape different from other escape rooms is that each room is completely customizable. 

Perhaps you want the puzzles to be harder to see how your team responds to the impossible. That can be done. Or maybe you want to work on a certain kind of skill that will help them in their day-to-day job. That can be done.

However you want to stretch and test your team, Houdini’s Room Escape can talk you through the options and create a completely unique experience. And then you can find out just what they’re made of.

Creating a Bond

Like we said, Houdini’s Room Escape prefers to refer to this experience as team-bonding. There’s a reason for that.

Getting everyone out of the office and into a different atmosphere is the start to getting them to look at each other differently. Letting them solve a problem together puts your entire team on the same level despite their job descriptions. The process of solving that problem shows each person’s skill set in a way that may not have been recognized before. And then actually accomplishing the task at hand creates the ultimate bond. If they can face up to something very difficult together, they can do anything together.

Have you used an escape room for your event? How did your attendees react? 

Image via Houdini's Room Escape