A sightseeing tour is a go-to part of a meeting for most meeting planners and for good reason. Attendees want to see more than just meeting rooms and want to experience more of a host city than their drive to and from the event. They want to get some real time exploring.


Cincinnati’s own American Legacy Tours takes the sightseeing tour one step further with fascinating history of our city combined with an interactive experience. Not surprisingly, diving into that history can really add something to your meeting that you just can’t get sitting in a room. 


A Different Way to See a Host City


You'll see a completely different side of your host city when you dive into its history. A simple building that you might have passed as you walked by on the street suddenly turns into a place that used to host exciting sharpshooting shows with famous actors and actresses. Another turns into the bar where the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra started as the bar’s band. 


Story upon story can take you on an adventure through our city in a way that most people don’t get to experience. 


Industry Insight


And those stories can tell you a lot about different industries.


The Underground Tour helps you relive the beer production during prohibition in the Queeen City by walking you through the secret lager tunnels underneath the city's streets. The 1919 Tour guides you through the scandals that rocked baseball and the sports industry. These industries were revolutionalized during these times and these types of tours can show you how they shaped the current industries that are very much alive today. 


New Perspective on Problem-Solving


That perspective can help you solve today’s problems. 


Yes, it seems odd that going back in history can give you a new perspective, but mixing a bit of old ideas with today’s, you can come up with something completely different that may just be what you are looking for. And learning from the past can help us avoid those old mistakes. So those amazing stories American Legacy Tours tells can actually be extremely beneficial for your attendees’ futures and make your meeting even more valuable. 


Are you diving into the history of your host city at your meeting?