CINCINNATI, OH – AUGUST 30, 2016 – Below is a letter sent from Dan Lincoln, president and CEO of the Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau to Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot K. Isaac thanking the police department for its efforts in helping the many visitors to Cincinnati USA this summer.

Col. Chief Eliot K. Isaac
Cincinnati Police Department
310 Ezzard Charles Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45214

Dear Chief Isaac,

The streets of Cincinnati USA have become home to a mutual admiration society this week. As attendees of the American Legion’s National Convention make their way around the city, members of the Cincinnati Police Department are frequently thanking Legionnaires for their service to the nation.

In turn, the American Legion’s veterans and servicemembers are thanking the police officers for theirs.

But the mutual admiration is not all that’s happening. Seen over the past few days:
  • A CPD officer helping a woman who fell on the sidewalk back to her feet. Then, even after her assurances that she was alright, the police officer escorted the woman and her friend back to their hotel.
  • During a break from the National Convention, a police officer allowed an elderly Legionnaire to pose for a photo on his Segway.
  • Officers have repeatedly been spotted offering directions and helpful tips to Legionnaires throughout their stays in Cincinnati.

The Duke Energy Convention Center has been a busy place this summer. Cincinnati USA has successfully hosted several major conventions since July, including the Church of God in Christ, Inc.’s Auxiliaries in Ministry Convention, the NAACP National Convention and the American Legion National Convention. Those three conventions alone have brought more than 25,000 visitors to the region, and have helped increase traffic in Cincinnati’s restaurants, hotels and other businesses.

Recent conventions have also kept the Cincinnati Police Department busy.

Throughout the summer, we have seen police officers happily taking on the role as ambassadors for Cincinnati USA. We have heard from numerous visitors how police have escorted them, given directions and have even recommended restaurants and attractions.

Helpful and welcoming interactions with visitors is so important to what we do. When those actions come from police officers, it is even more impactful.

Aside from the most obvious roles of patrolling and responding to calls, the CPD takes an active role during the planning stages of conventions. In preparation for the American Legion National Convention the police department provided help selecting the American Legion’s parade route and coordinated traffic control during the parade. We appreciate the collaborative participation your department is willing to give us.

My staff has been moved hearing the Legionnaires say “thank you for your service” to officers so many times this week. I thought you would like to know how much we appreciate the attitude and gracefulness of members of your department.

Over the last 10 years, the police department has been one of Cincinnati’s key points of differentiation when winning convention business over other competitive cities. CPD is becoming known nationally as one of the most hospitable and friendly police departments amongst national meeting planners. Thank you for the great work you do.

From the entire Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau staff, please pass along our gratitude to the men and women who help keep Cincinnati safe and inviting for visitors.


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Dan Lincoln
President & CEO
Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau

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