Being a maker is a huge trend nowadays. From maker’s faires to the rise in artisan crafts being sold on Etsy, it’s becoming more than just a fun hobby but a viable business model. 

And why are people so sold on this trend? You can point to many factors, but the most obvious is the sense of accomplishment. And it doesn’t matter how weird it looks, you made it and if you can actually use it in some way, the pride increases ten-fold. 

Wouldn’t you love your attendees to connect that pride with your event? With just a little bit of ingenuity, you can turn all of your attendees into proud makers with just a simple networking or team-building event. 

Be a Kiddie Maker

There are times that you really need your attendees to tap into a different mindset. Maybe you need them more creative. Or maybe you just need them to feel like their younger selves. In that case, try creating a session where your attendees create something reminiscent of their childhood crafts. You’ll be tapping into a wealth of nostalgia that can easily bond everyone together.

The biggest bonus to this is that a venue such as the Cincinnati Museum Center already offers classes geared to children’s crafts, so you can just pick and choose from an already established menu or create your own. Plus, your attendees can be set loose to explore and play as kids in their children’s museum. 

Be the Maker Everyone Dreams About

Social media has brought to light something: There are a lot of cool crafts out there and not nearly enough time to do that. Also some of them are destined to be total fails unless a guiding hand is available. We have all seen those photos floating around online. 

So give your attendees the chance to try out some Pinterest-worthy crafts. You can create stations of pre-chosen crafts with an expert to help out, and you can even have your attendees choose which crafts to do via online voting ahead of time. It will give them a chance to get more involved with your event and feel like they helped plan it.

Wondering where to start? Check out this Pinterest board with some great crafts that can easily be done by groups. 

Be a Maker for Good

Why stop at just having your attendees create trinkets? Why not create something of last value? Pairing up with an organization like Habitat for Humanity will give your attendees long-lasting maker skills while also doing good for the community as a whole. And when they show off at home how they can construct or fix something based on skills they learned at your event, you know they will also be talking about their amazing experience. 

Are you bringing the maker trend to your event?