Your trade show can sometimes be the one time a year your exhibitors get in front of their prospects face-to-face. And that can make the stakes extremely high for them. 
From managing a budget to driving those prospects to their booth, your exhibitors sometimes need some help to have a great experience at your show. You can leave it completely up to them and hope for the best. But that can lead to a bad show and a decision to not return the next year.

So what can you do to help your exhibitors have a great experience and returning year after year? We sat down with Skyline Exhibits’, Matt Saurine, to discuss some easy tips to pass onto your exhibitors for a better trade show:

Cut Shipping Costs

Honestly, shipping an exhibit booth can be expensive and can eat up budget that you’d like to spend elsewhere (like on your booth).

A booth such as Skyline Exhibits’ Windscape, a durable, inflatable booth, is a good solution. You can create a large impressive display within minutes and have it pack down into a carry-on suitcase. Plus, you can easily set it up yourself, which saves exhibitors even more money.

If the idea of an inflatable scares you, it shouldn’t. There is constant research and development to make sure this system is one of the most durable on the market. So not only will it help your exhibitors save money, it will also be around in the long-term. 

Create an Experience, Not a Booth

Selling while exhibiting can be a tough sales pitch. Why not make it easier on the sales team by having the booth do the heavy lifting? Ultimately, the goal of the booth should be to drive traffic, but you could also have it help close the sale.

That was what we had in mind when we used Skyline Exhibits to create the Cincinnati USA booth. Our first priority was to drive traffic with eye-catching displays. But once we had the traffic to the booth, we also had the booth experience help with the sales pitch. Our idea was to show booth attendees what it’s like to be in Cincinnati for an event. To do that, we created a virtual reality experience. Then it became the job of the booth to deliver both the experience and sales pitch.

Your exhibitors should be thinking of their own experiences. What are the wow-factors that will make attendees want to know more? Starting there will help them create an effective booth that they will be using for years.

Partner with Someone that Can Help You Wherever You Are

Things happen. You accidentally break a part in the field and need it fixed within hours, not days. In most cases, you are stuck with no help and hoping that your quick fix will last through the trade show.

That’s why we like Skyline Exhibits. Although we are working with a local office that has delivered a great result, we are not alone when we actually leave Cincinnati. With the company’s national network, we have support should something go wrong.

What has been your best advice for your exhibitors? How have you gone above and beyond to help them?