Americans are more and more concerned about their health. Most are constantly reading up on the latest health trends and are trying to figure out how to stay fit. 

And then they come to your conference. 

Long days of education sessions and meetings leave them tired and less likely to keep up a fitness routine. The typical conference food tends to be overloaded with sugar and fat, which is not exactly on anyone’s healthy diet. 

So what can you do to counteract this and help your attendees stay healthy during your conference?

Walking Sightseeing Tour

Any time you can accomplish two objectives with one event, it will help your attendees. For example, in addition to staying healthy, many attendees want to get out and see the local sights. So why not combine the two?

With a compact downtown like Cincinnati’s, you can cover a lot of interesting and historical sites within a very short distance. And you can work with a company like American Legacy Tours, who already has a list of tours to choose from or you can customize one to fit your needs. Your attendees will be more likely to attend to get outside and see the city. And they will be more energized from the fresh air, so they can learn and accomplish more at your conference. 

Add Fun Exercise to Your Networking Event

Smale Park Fitness Photo Courtesy Smale Park

Something else you may want to consider is adding games and activities that are really great exercise to your networking events. As your attendees try to master the activity, they will get a lot of laughs and will bond over the experience.

For example, Smale Riverfront Park has what can only be described as a playground for adults. The gym-like equipment is sculptural in nature while also being very capable of giving anyone that uses it a great workout. Trying to figure out how to use each piece of equipment could provide a great networking opportunity for attendees. All while you get a beautiful view of the river and the skyline. 

Cook with Attendees

Another fun way to prevent your attendees from being overloaded with sugar and fat? Show them how to create a tasty, healthy meal! Not only will they learn a great recipe, but they can savor their own creation.

A location like the Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State has many kitchens that you can divide your attendees into, and then they can be taught via a chef and students how to create an unforgettable meal. You can give each kitchen a different course, and basically have attendees cater your event with amazing healthy food.

How are you making healthy meetings fun?