Restaurants in the Cincy Region

Get a taste of Cincinnati and NKY

From favorite local delicacies to trendy farm-to-table restaurants, Cincy is making a name for itself as a foodie destination. USA Today even named the region one of the country's top small cities with a big food scene.

You might have heard about our famous chili. Chili’s more than a food around here–it’s a way of life. And yes, we serve it over spaghetti or on a Coney. You might not have heard of goetta. Here in Cincy, we love goetta so much, we have a whole festival dedicated to it. You can thank our German heritage for that. 

Cincy’s food scene isn’t one thing…in fact, it’s sort of ALL the things. With cuisine from all over the world and restaurant concepts from buzzworthy chefs, you’ll want to arrive hungry. Pull up a chair, grab a fork, and dig in. And don’t forget to pack your stretchy pants.